Confessions of A Hermit (MKMMA Week 7)

Confessions of A Hermit

Confessions of A Hermit

I must confess, I’ve always been something of a hermit.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love people, and when among them I can push the “Chatty Kathy” button and talk to anyone. 

But I used to want to talk to them on MY schedule, not theirs.  And I was always careful to hold them at arm’s length.  Don’t get too close to anything personal!  Yes, I suppose I can get a bit crabby about it at times, as my little friend here suggests.  :-)

If I had my d’ruthers, I’d stay home most of the time, perfectly content to build my business online and on the phone.  Of course, as Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and Art Jonak, two of my favorite mentors, like to remind me . . . “You can’t build a business pushing pixels around a screen.  You have to talk to real people!” 

Then along came Mark Januszewski, also a follower of Tom’s, with his Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA).  Here we are learning to clear and control our minds, and to dig really deep inside to discover who we really are and what we truly want in life.  Our “burning desire” as Napoleon Hill so aptly phrased it. 

We are learning the proper way to phrase our burning desire, or Personal Pivotal Needs (PPNs) to the “Universal Intelligence.” We work daily to program our subconscious minds to be open to inspiration from the Universe (I choose to call this God) as to how we must proceed to accomplish our Direct Major Purpose in Life (DMP).

In the ongoing process of tweaking and revising my DMP I included the demand that pre-qualified people are coming to me asking for help.  I’m currently in the process of setting up a couple of tools that will help me achieve this goal.

But this week, even before I have the new tools up and running, things are starting to happen!

Monday I was grocery shopping.  I’ve been trained to talk to people in the stores, asking questions, listening for their needs and discovering how I can help them achieve THEIR dreams.  But that’s easier said than done.  Especially for a Green “Hermit Crab.” 

I never particularly cared for shopping – it was a chore that had to be done every so often.  So when I had to do it, I usually found myself a bit on the crabby side — not exactly condusive for prospecting.  I preferred to get in, get what I needed, get out fast.

But this time, after focusing for several weeks on converting “chores” to “services,” and expecially this week when I’m on my Mental Diet, things were different.  I found myself, if not totally enjoying the grocery shopping experience, at least not “crabby” about it.

Back to my story . . . I was in a store I’d never shopped before, & was looking for some coconut oil.  I finally spotted it, tucked away in a corner, & made a comment about the label being a different color now, no wonder I couldn’t find it.

The woman next to me asked what in the world I was going to do with coconut oil, & a discussion of my homemade cold-process soaps ensued.  Before I know what hit me, I was talking to 4 total strangers, and having a ball!  After all, it’s fun to talk about my crafts and hobbies.  ;)

Using a few well-placed Magic Sequence words, I even managed to work the conversation around to how being a Professional Network Marketer allows me time to persue my hobbies.  Eventually I was able to tell a short story about one of my products, giving out my cards and samples. 

WOW!  This stuff really works when you relax enough to come out of your shell a bit!

I saw a couple of those women later in other parts of the store, and we spoke again for a few moments.  Do I detect the beginnings of a relationship?

Then the other night the phone rang at 11:58 pm.  Now I have to ‘fess up – midnight calls do NOT put me in the best mood.  Ruh-oh . . . can’t get crabby . . . not on the Mental Diet!

I checked to be sure it wasn’t family or a friend with a midnight crisis.  Nope, didn’t recognize the number.  But for some reason I felt compelled to pick up the phone.  I’m glad I did.  It was a young man from Pennsylvania who had seen a video I posted over two years ago.  He wanted more information about the free mentoring I offered in the video.

We had a really nice chat, I learned a bit about him, gave him the URL to download my free eBook, and set an appointment to speak with him again in 3 days.  Immediately after the call he did, indeed, download the book.  I’m looking forward to talking to him again and hearing his “Ah Ha!” moments.

Last but not least, this morning when I checked email, I discovered that another gentleman, this time from Oregon, had contacted me for more information about my free mentoring after finding me online.  Thank you John Doe for not calling me at 3 am, when the email was sent!  :-)

Remember, what we focus on . . . our predominant thoughts, are what we attract to ourselves.  This Doubting Thomasina is finally having to admit it’s really working.

I CAN be what I WILL to be!

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Kathy Burleigh-Moffatt
AKA “Grandma Kitty”

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About Grandma Kitty

Grandma Kitty (AKA Kathy Burleigh-Moffatt) is a retired Accountant and Professor of Management & Accounting who is now a full-time Professional Network Marketer & Mentor. She combines wisdom from "Grandma" & other Mentors to share Master Keys to Success in life & business with anyone who is "hungry" for knowledge & success.
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5 Responses to Confessions of A Hermit (MKMMA Week 7)

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  3. That was just great Mrs. Crabby…. I mean Kathy!! You must admit, it was fun talking to 4 strangers? Wasn’t it? Your awesome and I am just smiling away after reading your post! :D

  4. Joe Shinstock says:

    Great post! I liked it a lot! The stories were so poignant, and provide great value for me, as well as others (I’m sure).


    • Thanks Joe. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. That makes it worth the pain of birthing a story that lets others see “inside.”

      Yes, opening up to let others see the “real me” is almost as painful as giving birth to a GREEN personality, but I have to admit, it’s getting a bit easier with practice. As is the work we are doing to give birth to our new selves. This is turning out to be quite a journey, but I’m loving the growth & changes I see in myself and everyone else.


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